PGC Atty. Ian Encarnacion Gives Legal Advice On TV

Video courtesy of 9 News & Current Affairs

Past Grand Chancellor, Atty. Ian Encarnacion answers questions from callers of the TV Program, “Legal Help Desk” of 9 News & Current Affairs on some issues about the Barangay Justice System.

PGC Ian is Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity’s Grand Chancellor for School Year 2010-2011. He introduced many ideas and made major reforms to the fraternity during his term. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the The Common Voice Double Edition, 2008-2010, which spans two Grand Chancellorships.

He is a Junior Associate of Fortun, Narvasa & Salazar Law Office. His name was all over the news when he handled the tax evasion case brought against Janet Napoles and her family members. Napoles was criminally charged beforehand for having pocketed millions of pesos of Priority Development Assistance Funds (PDAF) of some Senators and Congressmen through spurious transactions using bogus corporations and delivery of ghost projects.

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