Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity FEU

by Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.

Like the founding fraternal brothers who gone before me,
common men by designation and Tamaraws by affiliation.

They were the embodiment of resolute disposition, and
epitome of crucible tested character
as they stand firm in the midst of adversity.

I will also, without fear or apprehension follow suit and
continue these steep traditions as a true Tau Kappan.

When greater challenges loom or the fog of uncertainty hovers above me;
still when prospect is never been bleaker;

I take comfort, knowing I already at the Institute of Law
forged every strand of my mettle, curved my steely disposition,

tamed my nerve, and conspicuously prod by my fraternal brothers,
above all: God’s guidance and unabated faithfulness.

Because of that I accord deference, than condescension,
thrives on pressures, than abdication;

I choose to be a co-bearer, rather than a burden;
the conduit of pride to my brothers, than indignity;
and I will bow to no master, but the truth.

Tau Kappa Phi are
Proud, but not arrogant;

Confident, but not pompous;
Discerning, but not patronizing; 

Imperious, yet just and fair;

Dieu et Ma Fraternité.

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.About the Author

Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. is known in the Tau Kappan circle as “Pastor.” He found his niche in London where he and his family are living. He works with the City Council of Westminster where the seat of power of the United Kingdom is located. He is an active officer of Finchley Raiders in London and European Network of Filipino Diaspora – United Kingdom (ENFiD-UK). He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law in the Philippines.

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