Tau Kappa Phi

Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity

A TAU now is a TAU forever –

Say it brother, silently

head low

look back……

years have been hard

to know you brother

a lonely search, alas.

There are multitudes,

but in there, brother,

you are the one leading

them to us.

So, you must kiss the ground for them,

for them.


A TAU now is a TAU forever.

Color such like into your being,

a declaration of your will

done as mortal as you live.

You will be with us,

part of you, brother,

entombed with humility, waving –

a memory of a life aflame, aflame.


A TAU now is a TAU forever.

Touch me in you for a unified goal,

and in the span of our thoughts,

leave me this world free –

as I joined the TAU KAPPA PHI –

to stay with me forever no goodbye……

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