by Brod Atty. Marvin V. Bernal

(Dedicated to my mom, Maura this Mother’s Day)


For years, I could hardly say that she is gone.

All I was thinking that she only wandered far and left me fair dreaming;

But her motherly love and warm embrace I yearn for years and counting;

Know not how soon her faring end and gladly return;

Maybe she is not just away.

Only her glorious memories still lingers fresh…

For the love of thee and love of there as dear;

I humbly accept and yield to the Holy Father where she might be;

I waved my hand with cheerful smile;

For I am too sure, oh dear, she is already resting with peace at the garden of Great Beyond.



About the Author

Brod Atty.  Marvin V. Bernal works at the Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board (DARAB) as Provincial Adjudicator for the Province of Occidental Mindoro and Special Assistant to the DAR Secretary. 

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