Defibrilators in Law School

Joey Pareja - Tau Kappa Phi

by Bro. Joey Garcia Pareja

Queues of thrombotic files,

Embolic IRACs, Thou shall not cry
Neurocardiogenic if not a fool
Pathognomonic in a law school.

Lost though not ischemic
Neither burned nor necrotic
Loads on how to cope
Electrodes of HOPE.

AcadMedically sustained
Aspirations shall not be detained
Survival is not by Thy own
Kinetics of supports, not be thrown.

Shocked and stroked
Blocked but not deceased
Defibbed to live
Escharred to persevere

Societal admirations, Equilibrium of Law
Brothers` empowerment, Commoners unity
Future of family to lift, an inviolable goal
All is Almighty God`s will,a Life ab initio

Joey Pareja - Tau Kappa Phi

About the Author

Brod Joey Pareja joined the Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity in July 2014 and one of the first enrollees to the Juris Doctor Program of the Far Eastern University-Institute of Law, Makati Campus introduced in 2014. He is under the Grand Chancellorship of GC Juan Karlo Talingdan II. He is the incumbent Freshman Representative in the Student Council of FEU-IL. He is a Registered Nurse and a graduate of Wesleyan University Philippines, Bulacan.


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