Brod Syric Pagsanhan: Appealing Personality and Superb Wits


At an instant glance, one may mistakenly look at brother Syric Lee Pagsanhan as the King of the Dance Floor and showbiz personality, Mark Herras. Upon a closer look, however, everybody agrees that he is more good looking than the latter. Backing up such appealing personality are excellent wits, good sense of humor and down to earth attitude.

Corporate Officer

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Like a true Tau Kappan, brod Syric proved that he no ordinary mortal. With determination and perseverance, he managed to land at the second helm of corporate officialdom of a Philippine real estate developer. He is presently the Vice-President of Veranda Development Corporation, a corporation engaged in the business of realty development, construction, surveying, land titling and reconstitution of titles among others. He had also been a high ranking corporate officer of another private company.

Education and Hobby


Brod Syric never tires of developing himself further. Aside from getting a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, he also has a Masters degree in Business Administration to name a few. Maybe only a handful knows that he has a keen eye on another form of art – Photography. And because of his stature and passion, it is no wonder that he loves travelling domestically and internationally.

European Travel

shapeimage_3Not all travels of brod Syric are in relation to business. His travel to some countries and cities in Europe around the second half of January 2014 was purely on pleasure. He was with his wife when they visited Italy, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. In the UK, they went to Scotland, the birthplace of Scottish hero, William Wallace or also known as “Braveheart.” Syric Pagsanhan 03bIn Birmingham, England, they were able to meet brod Magtanggol “Mags” Sumilang who works and lives therein with his family. The next stop was in the capital, London where, after watching the theatrical musical, “Les Miserables,” he joined brothers Ricardo “Pastor” Gacayan, Jr., Gilson “Jim” Bautista and Novo-Mar “Novo” Ramos for a drinking spree.
He said that he found life in the European countries as fast and everybody seems to be in hurry in catching time.


Family Man


In the midst of his busy schedule at work, he sees to it that he dedicates some quality time with his family. He treats his wife, Atty. Maila and his two kids, Seth Matthew and Matt Cedric for a dine out or an out-of-town vacation. He was hands on in rearing his kids, multi-tasking on work and home.


Compassion for the Common Tao

Brod Syric never forgets to demonstrate his compassion for the less in life. Having the heart of a commoner, he co-founded a Non-Governmental Organization in the style of Legal Assistance Pro-Indigent Tao or L.A.P.I.T.

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