Brod Rannie Maat – Now Playing In The Big Leagues


Most of us may never have a chance to have our photo taken with the president of a country, but Brod Rannie Maat did just that. It may have come to him as a privilege being one of the founders and currently a board member of AN WARAY Party-list.

In the Philippines, one can be elected for a seat in Congress under the party-list system. There are around 57 party-list members in Congress.

The AN WARAY is a party-list representing a wide range of interests in Philippine society, but primarily, it represents the interests of the poor and the marginalized.


Brod Rannie is a staff officer of the Committee of Accounts. The chair of this committee is the first An Waray Party-list nominee, Rep. Florencio “Bem” Noel. The Committee is responsible for monitoring and disbursing the expenses of Congress, which is fitting as one of the objectives of An Waray is to gain greater access in the manner of how public funds are disbursed. Brod Ronnie inspects purchases of goods and services above P5,000.00 that are incurred by the House of Representatives.


On the family front, Brod Rannie is married to his wife, Jocelyn, who is the assistant provincial prosecutor of Pampanga. His 20-year old daughter, Kimberly, is a graduating student of BS Tourism at UP Diliman. As well, he takes pride of his daughter joining the UP Concert Chorus noting of its strict entry requirements. He is hoping that Kimberly will enter the UP College of Law and would then become a lawyer. His son, Jhophet, is 14 years old and is in third-year high school.


Brod Rannie likes cockfighting as a hobby. When he is not working, he spends his valuable leisure time in his backyard tending to his flock of prized fighters.

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