Brod Manny Sandicho: Good Humor Is A Spice Of Life

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Good Humor

Brod Manny Sandicho claims on his Facebook profile as having “unbearable good-looks, charm and charisma”.

“Brilliant, why I haven’t thought of that?”

Seriously, this is Brod Manny’s way of saying, “how are you?”, and also his way of telling us not to be shy about expressing good humor in our daily lives, as this helps reduce stress.

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Law Practice

Brod Manny likes to do many interesting things, which is only possible if he is his own boss. In fact, he is now operating his own law office in Laguna where he resides, after being employed for some time.

He would prefer practicing in labour law, although being a solo practitioner, he can also have the flexibility of accepting just about anything that may interest him.


Brod Manny is also a professor teaching Criminal Law at the Laguna State Polytechnic University (LSPU), Main Campus in Santa Cruz, Laguna.


In addition to excellence and hard work, Brod Manny considers his commitment to family as a very important value. He has six children, all excelling in school.

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Plan For The Future

As of this writing, Brod Manny is in the process of moving his practice to a location adjacent to his wife’s bakery. Perhaps Fe, his wife, wants him nearby to make sure he eats healthy, or may need his presence to de-stress.

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For those wanting to visit Brod Manny at his new office, he may serve you with a healthier choice of bakery products and soft drinks as opposed to “pulutan” and booze.

Luckily, you will be in the company of Brod Manny’s unbearable good-looks, charm and charisma. Maybe a hearty laugh with him is just all you need to forget your stress for the day.

More Information

For more details about Brod Manny’s professional career, you may visit his website by entering the link below.

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