Brod Judge Glenn Santos: The Recipe of Success is Patience and Simple Living



Brod Glenn Santos is currently the acting presiding judge of the Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 47, in Pasay City.

Despite of his distinguished stature, however, he still finds time to associate with our fraternity brothers such as dropping by at the bar site during the latest Bar Operations.

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Brod Glenn’s wife, Sonia Palmenco-Santos, works in the justice system as well, being the legal researcher of Regional Trial Court 262 in Pasig.

They have three adorable children namely, Bettina, Guillano and Penelope ages 15,10 and 8 respectively.

Brod Glenn’s parents are from Catanduanes, although he was born and raised in Makati.

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Simple Living

The philosopher Cicero once quoted, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Brod Glenn has everything that he needs in life – a happy family, a career, a garden and a simple lifestyle.

Certainly, one does not require so much if you’re a believer in living a simple life.

In his spare time, Brod Glenn enjoys tending his small garden and maintaining his koi pond.

As well, he regularly cooks meals for his household, and when he says family, he’s also including the dogs.

Glenn Santos 04

Patience And Tenacity

For those who personally know Brod Glenn, he undoubtedly embodies the character of someone who is patient, tenacious, kind, caring and giving.

To maintain a garden, one requires patience and tenacity. You can’t just pluck your plants up by the roots to force them to grow or you’re going to kill them. You have to constantly water and weed your plants before they bear flowers or fruits.

Perhaps Brod Glenn has this same thinking when it comes to maintaining his friends and raising his family. Like gardening, it requires watering, nurturing and a lot of patience.

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