Brod John Ric Quinsaat | Muay Thai Winner

John Ric Quinsaat | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

Only just a few days ago, there was a lot of frenzy on social media when UFC bantanweight champion, Ronda Rousey knocked out Bethe Correia in a span of 34 seconds in the first round. It was a stunning show of skills on  combat fighting using different martial arts techniques.

John Ric Quinsaat | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

[Brod John Ric (with gloves) with fellow F.I.S.T. members ]

While martial arts aficionados are passively engaged in watching such competitions, brod John Ric Quinsaat himself has been actively involved in  full contact sports. In fact, he won the gold medal in the 2014 Combat Sports Friendship Games held on June 15, 2014 at SM Mall of Asia, Philippines.

John Ric Quinsaat | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

(Left: at the gym. Right: the gold medal he won)

He used his skills in Muay Thai and submitted his opponent into retirement that led to a referee stoppage on the second round. His opponent was many times subjected to counts by the referee because of the barrage of attacks he received. Worse, he even fell out from the ring because of brod John Ric’s clinch trip.

His fellow martial arts buff in the gym call him “Buakaw” because his style and moves resemble that of international Muay Thai champion, Buakaw Banchamek of Thailand. He  is known to have the strongest kick in the gym, Fitness and Self-defense Techniques or F.I.S.T., a mixed martial arts and fitness facility in Quezon City.

John Ric Quinsaat | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

[Benjamin Case (in pink shorts), Muay Thai World Champion, was one of his mentors in the US]

For months, he trained in the United States under the tutelage of Benjamin Case, a professional MMA fighter, Muay Thai World Champion and trainor.  He stated that in said training camp, he underwent a physically and psychologically rigorous regimen and had to spar with tall and huge colleagues whose attacks he had to endure. It was also that time that he improved his strikings.

However, he was not given by his American handlers the go signal to go to actual combat because he still needs further trainings and sparring sessions. Much to his surprise when he came back to the Philippines, he was made to enter the ring to fight in a short notice.

He started to get involved in combat sports especially strikings when he was in the elementary grades. He went then in Karate and Boxing sessions. It was in his high school days that he fell in love with Muay Thai and the art of 8 limbs. He only stopped his regular trainings when he entered college and law school and was lured into cigarette smoking. 

(Part of the training or putting those muscles in other use?)

 After some introspection, he finally decided to quit smoking and started to look for a martial arts gym to train again. Amid his law studies, he sees to it that he goes to the gym at least twice a week.

He admitted that Muay Thai “keeps me sane.” He also trains a bit of grapplings like Brazilian jiu-jitsu and and wrestling.

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