Brod Jing Cacatian: Lifelong Learner and Tax Code Enthusiast


Can you imagine yourself reading the dictionary to pass the time? Most likely, you will not. But Brod Jing Cacatian has no difficulty with this scenario because working with numbers and reading the tax code is his definition of fun. It’s not surprising therefore to learn that Brod Jing works for the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the tax collection arm of the government. In fact, he excels at his job that he is now the Assistant Chief of the Legal Division of the BIR in the Caloocan Region.


To inspire himself, Brod Jing would read inspirational quotes everyday, and his favorite is the Golden Rule – “Do unto others what you want to do unto you”. Meaning, you do not do to Brod Jing what you do not want to do to yourself – or you just got yourself a fighting match. According to him, he will not “buckle down to any fight no matter how long it would take to win it”. And it appears that, for him, losing is not even an option.


He does not like to procrastinate and states that he is an avid disciple of the “First Things First” principle by Stephen Covey and the Pareto principle, also called the 20-80 principle. He believes in the 20-80 percent apportionment of preference in everything that he does, from the most sacred and important to the most trivial ones. As an example, you only need to focus 20% of your tasks to be productive.

Brod Jing is a lifelong learner. He is a civil engineer, a lawyer and soon to be an accountant. He is currently enrolled as a fourth year accounting student at PSBA. He does not intend to compete with the late Dr. Jose Rizal in terms of diplomas, but he’s slowly catching up.


He married his wife when he was a sophomore at FEU law. They have two children together, his eldest, a daughter, is a graduate of UST just like her mother while his son is a first year student at the University of the Philippines, Diliman campus.

Brod Jing’s parents were educators, and he may have inherited his passion for math from his mother, who was a math teacher. She died when he was still a civil engineering student at Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT). His father was a principal in Lingayen, Pangasinan. He has five brothers and sisters who have now become engineers and nurses.

His father has since remarried and has two more children. They are now residing in San Diego, California.

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