Brod Gil Galolo: Small Practice, Big Operation

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Size doesn’t really matter when it comes to Brod Gil Galolo’s law practice. Although there is only him and his law partner in their small law office in Bulacan, Brod Gil can service many parts of the country. For example, he attends court appearances in La Union, Manila, Ilocos Sur, Bicol, Baguio and sometimes, Palawan. Considering the various jurisdictions that his office cover, his partner and him are indeed running a big operation!

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Brod Gil has nothing to complain as long as he has a reliable car, a patient driver and the regular cigarette breaks.

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For most of his adult life, Brod Gil resided in Banayoyo, Ilocos Sur until he married his wife, Anita, who is a resident of Bulacan. They have two children together.

Brod Gil feels passionately about his children’s education, and so he makes sure that they will get the education they deserve.

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Although Brod Gil may have succeeded in reaching his chosen career, he remains down-to-earth to everyone. He surely enjoys the company of his friends and relatives and would seek every opportunity to share a good laugh with them – as long as he is not busy roaming the country making court appearances.

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