Brod Flor Pedro: Building Quality Relationships


Tau Meets Portian

When their love story began, he was a sophomore at the FEU Institute of Law while she was a junior. He joined the Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity while her, the Portia Sorority.

Brod Flor Pedro met for the first time his soon to be wife, Felita (Jofe) Pajatin-Pedro, one day in 1983 when he happened to pass by the stairs of the Boys High building where, at the time, sis Felita was studying with a fellow Portian. Their meeting was brief and casual.

After this introduction, the fire that would soon kindle their relationship flared one weekend when the Tau and the Portians had an outing in Jala-Jala, Rizal.

They were married the next year. Brod Flor was now in his senior year.


The Household

Brod Flor and Sis Felita have two children of their marriage – Greg and Patricia. Greg is currently taking nursing courses while Patricia is in her senior year of high school.

Sis Felita works as a nurse, and occasionally teaches in one of the local nursing colleges.

Brod Flor works as a legal assistant with Pocrass Law Firm based in Century City. On the side, he operates a financial services business.


Financial Services

For us who are in the service field, it’s easy to work with clients when they come to you already with problems.

It’s because they have now identified their needs, and are coming to you maybe just to validate their own answers. Regardless, they are likely be receptive to your advice.

It’s difficult, however, if your job is to convince people that they will have a problem, say 20 years from now, and that only you can help them. In this case, people do not think of their needs as immediate and thus, will procrastinate in asking for services.

Brod Flor Pedro, however, thrives in this field being a financial planner.

He helps people identify their future financial needs and propose solutions and goals to fill them, for example, helping his clients invest for retirement or get out of debt.

Brod Flor operates his own financial service business in California, USA where he resides with his family. His business is associated with Primerica Inc., a distributor of financial services.

He is a member of, in good standing, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), the regulating body of the financial services industry in the US.


On Building Quality Relationships

Brod Flor’s success with his financial services business depends on relationships built on friendship and trust.

The business is the result of his ability, with the help of his wife Felita, in building quality relationships with other people.

Brod Flor likes to keep his friends long-term and consequently, this translates to more business opportunities for him.

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