Brod Armando Magalong: A Big Fish In A Small Pond


The next time you drink pineapple juice, think about Polomolok, Cotabato. It’s the place where Dole Corporation produces its pineapples.

Brod Armando Magalong is a resident of Polomolok.

Although Polomolok’s population is only close to 150,000, it’s one of the top 21 earner municipalities in the Philippines. In short, this is a “have” locality.

You can search Polomolok’s location by checking the bottom portion of the map of Mindanao.


Law Practice

Brod Armando has established a law practice in the land of the “haves”, and he is doing well compared to most of the other residents who generally work in the pineapple fields.

He used to represent Dole for several years.

The demand for legal services is lower in a small-populated municipality such as Polomolok than in a big-populated city. Therefore, it’s no surprise if Brod Armando would branch out to other endeavors, and in fact he did.

The Rich Man of Polomolok


Brod Armando is the owner and president of a lending company. He also owns a delivery business consisting of 35 refrigerated-equipped vans supplying Mindanao with Dole products such as asparagus, sweetcorn, banana , okra, spinach, brocolli, etc.

He also operates three fish farms where he cultures catfish and other fish products.

In fact, he entered the fish culture business to get away from the stresses of law practice.

Brod Armando acknowledges that he is now known more as a fish farmer than as a lawyer, with him having successfully cornered the catfish market in the whole of Mindanao and some parts of Visayas.

In fact, he had received awards for his fish farming such as the Gawad Saka Award given by the BFAR from 2003 to 2006.

Brod Armando’s wealth started with a one hectare inheritance which he used to take out a one million peso loan. With hard work and entreprenuerial spirit, he is able to increase exponentially the return of his investment.



Brod Armando has four children: Kent Arnold, Arens, Armando Jr. and Ariana, all of them are still in grade school.

His wife, Mariane, is a stay at home mom, taking full-time care of the children.

He takes an active part in the upbringing of his children by making himself always available to them.

Daily Routine


Brod Armando may be juggling several activities at once, but his lifestyle is still laidback.

His day starts with early morning coffee, exercise, then a visit to his farms located just about a kilometer from his home.

He then goes home to drop off the children to school.

After, he will hit the shower, eats breakfast, goes to his law office and then attends to his court hearings for the day.

Next, he visits his businesses to check on operations, and goes home again for lunch.

He then takes a two-hour break before going back again to his law office to meet with clients until four o’clock.

He goes again to his farm during feeding time. In fact, he takes a hands-on approach in the feeding and hatching of his fish stocks.

Usually, he is home just after five for supper and bonding with his family.



You might be wondering how Brod Armando spends his money considering that his lifestyle does not require too much spending on meals and entertainment.

Well, he regularly goes out on trips with his family, bodyguard and driver in tow, roaming around the country and touring abroad.

But it’s not a bad idea either to just save up his money for the future.

If you happen to visit Polomolok, feel free to visit Brod Armando. You’re guaranteed to have a freshly catched “pulutan” and a lot of “pasalubong” when you go home.

The Ability To Adapt

Brod Armando has shown that you can thrive even if you live in a far-flung location and small populated area such as Polomolok. All you need is the ability to adapt to current realities and grab every opportunity that comes along.

Having a law practice and with passive incomes coming in from his lending company, delivery vans and fish farms, Brod Armando is able to provide more than adequate support for his family – and to explore places with extra money for rainy days.

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