UK Brods Meet PGC Atty. Ian Encarnacion

Tau Kappa Phi UK

(Moon Under Water, Leicester, London)

On December 21, 2014, brethren based in the United Kingdom warmly met Past Grand Chancellor (PGC) Atty. Ian Encarnacion amid the cold winter weather at a pub in Leicester Square, Central London. PGC Ian travelled all the way from Lincolnshire, England to London.

 Past Vice-GC Jose Korchnoi “Korch” Capariño; brods Ricardo “Ric” Gacayan, Jr.; Gilson “Jim” Bautista and Novo-Mar “Novo” Ramos rendezvoused with PGC Ian at a pub called, Moon Under Water which is adjacent to a building where some big movie films had their red carpet premier viewing.

It is the same pub where PGC Engel Abalos was met by the UK brethren in 2011.


After some toasts of beer, ale and lager, PGC Ian was given a souvenir gift, a glass-covered collection of British coins which includes a rare commemorative coin. Togeher with the gift is a photo of the group that was instantly produced from a newly-bought Polaroid camera of brod Ric.

During such occasion, it was discussed to incorporate the group of Tau Kappans in the UK in the style of Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity Society. It is proposed to be a not for profit corporation with an asset-locked entity, the Tau Kappa Phi, Inc. in the Philippines. Being named as the asset-locked entity, it will be the sole recipient of all funds raised by the UK corporation.


Later, the group went to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown to fill up their tummies and to sip warm soup.

Brod Gilson accompanied PGC Ian to a pre-booked hotel where he spent the night before going back to Lincolnshire on the next day.

Tau Kappa Phi UK

(Brods Arnold De Francisca and Novo Ramos at Galena House, Hammersmith, London.)

Earlier on the same day, brod Arnulfo “Arnold” De Francisca was visited by brod Ric during a church service of brod Arnold’s congregation in Hammersmith, London.

A few minutes after brod Ric left, brod Novo came to meet brod Arnold at the same venue.

As it was also their congregation’s Christmas party, brod Arnold excused himself from joining the meeting with PGC Ian.


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