TKP USA/Canada Becomes A Not-For-Profit Corporation

TKΦ brothers cast their votes to elect the first set of officers of the TKΦ USA/Canada when they held their reunion in July 2014 at Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

The group,TKΦ USA/Canada, is now a juridical person, with the rights and powers inherent thereto, including the power to sue and be sued, the ability to acquire property, enter into contracts, hire employees, and engage in all activities authorized by law in pursuit of its declared objectives.

This became possible when on December 5, 2014, the TKΦ USA/Canada was finally incorporated in accordance with and under the laws of the State of New York, United States of America, under the name and style of Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity Alumni Society – USA/Canada, Inc.

Brod Man Quintal, who advocated this move while serving as president of the TKΦ USA/Canada group, has this to say about the need to incorporate: “We want permanency and stability. The legal entity we have formed is not just for the present. It will also be for Brods coming after us who share our ideals.”

We need to protect the individual members against unreasonable suits that are common in the countries we are in now. And, more importantly, we need to be able to present our group to the community as a legitimate organization, with definite and noble purposes, and deserving of their assistance and support, financial and otherwise.”

TKΦ USA/Canada is composed of individuals who joined the Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity as students in the Institute of Law of the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines and who are now residing in the USA and Canada.

As stated in its certificate of incorporation, Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity Alumni Society – USA/Canada, Inc. aims to promote and perpetuate the spirit of brotherhood of TKΦ members and to support the fraternal activities of TKΦ brothers who are still in law school. These are just two of declared purposes of the corporation.

This is the second corporate entity formed by Tau Kappans. The Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity previously incorporated in the Philippines, with the residents as members. TKΦ USA/Canada is the first TKΦ group to incorporate outside of the Philippines and is composed of alumni or former residents.

On a historical note, sometime in the early 1990s and prior to the advent of the internet, a group of TKΦ alumni mostly living in the eastern part of the United States and inspired by our oldest member, Brod Tony Tibay, formed an unincorporated group which they called Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity Alumni Society in the United States.

The advancement of the means in communications such as Facebook facilitated the rekindling of the TKΦ spirit among us. Thus, it became easier to coordinate and plan to create a bigger and more purpose-driven group.

The plan to create a group composed of TKΦ alumni residing in USA and Canada was seriously considered when brothers met at a reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA in March of 2013. This plan became concrete when brothers, who attended the reunion last July in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, decided to formally organize and elect its first set of officers and members of the Board of Directors.

Although what they have is a newly-formed corporation, the members of the Board of Directors have extensive background and experiences working in a not-for-profit setting as they themselves are leaders and volunteers in their own communities.

Elected as initial directors with two years terms of office were the following: Brothers Manuel B. Quintal, President; Manuel Mallabo, Executive Vice-President; Timothy Penarroyo, Vice-President for Eastern Canada Region; Fred de Villa, Vice-President for Western Canada Region; Robert Eustaquio, Vice President for Eastern USA Region; Nardito Peralta, Vice-President for Western USA Region; Victorio Antonio, Secretary; Flor Pedro, Treasurer; Leo Aniceto, Assistant Treasurer for Canada; Flomy Diza, Assistant Treasurer for USA; Tomasito Celis, Auditor; and Ronaldo Bonifacio, Manuel Esquivias, Efren Marfil and Antonio Tibay, Directors.


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