TKΦ USA and Canada Grand Reunion

Tau Kappa Phi USA

(L-R Standing) Brothers Flomy Diza, Emmanuel Jimenez, Rey Jorda, Manuel Quintal, Nardito Peralta, Flor Pedro, Leo Aniceto, Richard Layugan, Manuel Mallabo) (L-R Sitting) Brothers Efren Marfil, Joselito Magsino, Antonio Tibay, GC Fred Villa

Tau Kappa Phi fraternal brothers residing in the United States of America and Canada successfully held a grand reunion in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from June 14 to June 16, 2013.

Tau Kappa Phi USA
The momentous occasion was attended by the following brethren, who later on called themselves “Ocean 13,” to wit:

Brothers Flomy “Flo” Diza, Nardito “Ding” Peralta, Manuel “Noli” Mallabo from Northern California; 

Brothers Emmanuel “Emil” Jimenez, Flor Pedro, Jerry Layugan, Efren Marfil, Antonio “Tony” Tibay from Southern California; 

Brother Jessie Magsino from Chicago, Illinois; 

Brother Manuel Quintal from New York; and, 

Brothers Rey Jorda, Leo Aniceto, Grand Chancellor Fred De Villa from Canada.

Tau Kappa Phi USA

Along with them were Portia Sorority Sister, Felita Flor, Brother Flor Pedro’s wife, and the wife of Brother Jerry Layugan.

They wore polo shirts with the Tau Kappa Phi Logo. 

Tau Kappa Phi USA

The momentous occasion included a tour to the famous Hoover Dam located at the border of Nevada and Arizona.

Tau Kappa Phi USA

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