Brod State Prosecutor Resado Receives VACC Award

John Resado - Tau Kappa Phi

Tau Kappan Brother, State Prosecutor John Resado received an award as Outstanding Public Prosecutor for 2012 from the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC), a non-government watchdog which advocates a “crime-free” and “corrupt-free” Philippines.

It should be noted that earlier VACC filed a disbarment case with the Supreme Court against prosecutor Resado because of his alleged “unethical behavior in handling the drug case” that involved the so-called “Alabang Boys.”  The case had been the subject of investigations in the Senate and House of Representatives where brother John Resado came face to face with a fellow Tau Kappan, Brother Congressman Elpidio Barzaga, Jr. A Presidential panel was also created to investigate an alleged act of bribery involving the prosecutors who handled the case.

John Resado - Tau Kappa Phi

(Bro. John Resado testifying in the Senate Committee Hearing)

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) officials who arrested the “Alabang Boys” later admitted that they do not have any evidence against prosecutor Resado and others that they received bribe money for the release of the drug suspects. Later on, the court dismissed the case of the Alabang Boys for the failure of the PDEA to “follow the chain of custody of the evidence seized from the suspects in a buy-bust operation.”

Jovencito Zuño, then Chief State Prosecutor said that he and his prosecutors felt vindicated by the dismissal of the case of the Alabang Boys and the decision of the Presidential investigative body stating that there was nothing “irregular or anomalous in the way the cases was handled and disposed of.”


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