Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. Swears In as Officer of a UK-Wide Org

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. ENFiD-UK Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law

(Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. at the middle, obviously.)

Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. was sworn in as Assistant Public Relations and Communications Officer of the European Network of Filipino Diaspora – United Kingdom (ENFiD-UK) during an Induction Ceremony held on November 30, 2014 at the Turner Suite of Holiday Inn Hotel in Bloomsbury, London.

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. ENFiD-UK Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law

(With fellow ENFiD-UK Officers and Board of Directors. Philippine Labor Attaché Joan Lavilla administered the Oath or Affirmation of Office.)

ENFiD-UK is one of the chapter countries in the European continent under the banner of ENFiD, the mother organization. ENFiD-UK is an organization whose membership is composed of various organizations of Filipinos and those with Filipino lineage living in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. ENFiD is a by-product of consultations and conferences initiated by the Philippine government through the Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) which aims to unite the Filipino diaspora or community of Filipinos living, working and staying in a foreign land in the promotion and preservation of Filipino culture and tradition abroad and be active partners for development in the Philippines and the host country.

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. ENFiD-UK Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law

(Standing L-R: Coach Danilo Cantero of Finchley Raiders; Carol Panday, ENFiD-UK PR Communications Officer; and, Brod Gilson Bautista.)

Brod Ric, who is more popularly known as Pastor or Egot of Finchley, is the Secretary of Finchley Raiders, an active group of Filipinos in north London that holds sports activities and competitions on a regular basis. Finchley Raiders has participated in various activities like the 2014 “Barrio Fiesta” in Hounslow, London and took an active role in the charity event, “Operation Maring” to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Maring in the Philippines, among others.

Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. ENFiD-UK Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law

(L-R: Brods Gilson Bautista, Ricardo Gacayan, Jr., and Novo-Mar Ramos.)

Brod Ric works with the local government of the City of Westminster in London where British State powers radiate from. He finished his Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB) from the Far Eastern University, Manila. Prior to his law studies, he completed his course leading to the degree of AB Theology with Theology as his Major.

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