Brod Atty. Rodolfo Tagapan, Jr. Wins a Seat in IBP-QC Board of Directors


Brod Atty. Rodolfo “Jun” Tagapan, Jr. was proclaimed as Director in the Board of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Quezon City (IBP-QC) Chapter at the conclusion of the election of officers held on February 28, 2015 at the Quezon City Hall of Justice.


He obtained the second highest number of votes after the final ballot was counted. Five members are chosen to sit in the Board of Directors aside from the election of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and P.R.O..


Brod Jun is connected with The Law Firm of Habitan Ferrer Chan Tagapan Habitan & Associates located in Central District, Quezon City.


(Photo courtesy of Cherryl Kuan Ontalan)

Resident and alumni brethren show support in his candidacy through the power of the social media like Facebook, among others.

Some of them were visible at the venue of the election donning an “ID” showing brod Jun’s photo and the word “Director” below it.

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