Brod Atty. Leonardo Aniceto Sitting in Canadian Human Rights Body

Atty. Leonardo Aniceto | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

(Getting ready for his hearing before a Canadian Court of Justice.)

Brother Atty. Leonardo “Leo” Aniceto has been serving for seven (7) years as a Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Manitoba, one of the provinces of Canada.

Brod Leo is a practicing lawyer in Canada. He is an Attorney at Law at Legal Aid Manitoba, Agassiz Community Law Centre, Winnipeg. He used to be connected with Broadway Law Group and had his own law office.

Atty. Leonardo Aniceto | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

(His smile is as prolific as his contributions to the fraternity.)

He specializes in Family Law and Criminal Law. He also serves as an Adviser/Consultant of Filipino associations in Manitoba.

He studied law at Robson Hall, Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba. Prior to his Canadian stint, he was a student at the Institute of Law of the Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines.

According to its website,, “[T]he Manitoba Human Rights Commission is the agency responsible for carrying out the provisions of The Human Rights Code. The Commission accepts complaints alleging contravention of The Code, offers opportunities to voluntarily resolve complaints by way of conciliation or mediation, and investigates complaints (that are not otherwise resolved) to the extent necessary to provide an appropriate recommendation to the Board of Commissioners.”

Atty. Leonardo Aniceto | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity FEU Law

(With fellow lawyers waiting for their cases to be called by the Court.)

Brod Leo is the only one with a Filipino blood among the ten (10) Commissioners who sit in the Board at present (including the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson). He will be serving for three (3) more years in such capacity.

The Commissioners are appointed by the Cabinet of the Provincial Government. As of this writing, the Board of Commissioners is composed mostly of lawyers and the rest are other professionals and leaders of volunteer organizations. The Board  enjoys a security of tenure.

Brod Leo is presently the Assistant Treasurer for Canada of the recently US-incorporated Tau Kappa Phi USA/Canada. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Common Voice 1991 Edition published during the incumbency of Grand Chancellor Nicholas Alvin Duron.

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