Brethren Diza and Mallabo Elected to New Posts in IBP California

Atty. Flomy Diza and Atty. Manuel Mallabo, IBP California | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity, FEU Law

[Atty. Flomy J. Diza (left) and Atty. Manuel G. Mallabo (right) assumes new posts for IBP California Calendar Year 2015-2017.]

Brothers Atty. Flomy J. Diza and Atty. Manuel G. Mallabo were recently elected as Executive Vice-President and Executive Vice-President (Northern California), respectively by members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines California Chapter (IBP-Cal) in the United States of America.

They will hold office for two (2) years, from 2015 to 2017. Brod Manuel is the outgoing Executive Secretary and brod Flomy as a Board Director thereof.

IBP California

(IBP California members pose for a souvenir photo in a park in San Francisco.)

According to brod Manuel, “We are trying to serve our fellow Filipinos through this organization by giving free legal advice at the [Philippine] Consulate in San Francisco and for the latter giving us the opportunity to do so. Hope we can serve them more in some other ways.”

Brod Flomy’s wife, Atty. Louella SUgui-Diza is elected as Recording Secretary. She is also a Certified Public Accountant and Registered Nurse.

IBP-Cal is the only chapter outside of the Philippines that is recognized by the IBP National Office. Formed in 1998, it is composed of lawyers of Filipino descent who chose the US as their second home.

The new set of officers of IBP California for 2015-2017 are as follows:

Atty.  Rene Santiago

Executive Vice President:
Atty. Flomy Diza

Executive Vice President (Northern CA):
Atty. Manuel G. Mallabo

Executive Secretary:
Atty. Alberto Montefalcon Jr.

Recording Secretary:
Atty. Louella Sugui-Diza

Atty Rebecca Torres

Atty. Danny Sabado

Business Manager:
Atty. Raffy Cabatic

Press Relations Officers:
Atty. Pres Lorenzo Ordinario

Atty. Clarence Decano

Board of Directors:
Atty. Jeanne Kouznetsova

Atty. Evelyn Alfonso
Atty. Dennis Mesina
Atty. Willy Magsaysay
Atty. Raul Picardo
Atty. RoyManongsong

Ex Officio:
Atty. Melba Cawit

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