Where were you for the SAF 44?

Troy Abitona, EDSA Shrine for SAF 44 | Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity

(The author airing his sentiments at the EDSA Shrine during the 2-22-15 rally to seek the truth and justice for the death of the SAF 44.)

It seems that the death of the SAF 44 would just be an ordinary incident in the day-to-day activities of the 100 million Filipinos. I would’nt be surprised if in the coming days, not a word of it would appear in the papers.

It is perhaps that those 44 are only ordinary young men, unknown barrio grown, not belonging to the higher levels of the society, not members of political clans, no masters degrees nor Ph D’s and whose jobs is kill or be killed anyway.

PO2 Efraim Mejia | SAF 44

(My nephew, PO2 Efraim G. Mejia, one of the SAF 44)

So what the heck! Why would the professionals, the yuppies, the managers, the supervisors or those big shots in the business circles would dare join rallies in support for the search of truth? Why would they and the elite waste their precious times for these lowly SAF 44 when even their Commander in Chief would’nt even dare care for them? Why would ordinary families join the clamor for PNoy to resign when they are too busy doing shopping? Why would they even drop by EDSA to listen to those who are clamoring for truth and justice when the entire PNP organization itself, where the SAF 44 belongs, does’nt even lift a finger to sympathize with their fallen brothers, worse, they even prevent us from speaking out the truth?

Troadiao Abitona | Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law)

(MISQUOTED: My speech was taken out of context. The caption reads, “DON’T SPEAK – Troy Abitona, an uncle of Police Officer 2 Ephraim Mejia who is among the ‘Fallen 44’ members of the Special Action Force (SAF), reveals at a press conference at Club Filipino in San Juan City yesterday that relatives of the victims of the Mamasapano encounter have been told by the government not to speak out in public about the matter. Photo by Manila Bulletin.”)

Well, to my nephew, PO2 EFRAIM G. MEJIA, SAF 44, perhaps, I should now RESIGN to the painful fact that you were born and died right but under a wrong government. I can hear Miya, your wife and parents grieve and shout for justice.

But I am sorry to say, that the Filipino nation, for whom you gave the ultimate sacrifice is not to be disturbed as of this time. They are too busy in their lives that for them to seek the truth and justice for your senseless death is just a waste of time. For them, you are just a casualty in the statistics. Sadly, most of our 100 million countrymen prefer that the TRUTH be forever buried in the cornfields of Mamasapano.

Anyway, my dear Efraim, we at San Nicolas, your hometown, shall always put to mind that you are a simple hero born in a simple family with simple happiness. We shall not cease to pray asking God’s mercy. If men deprived us with justice, I pray to our God not to deprive us justice in the heavens.

(Nota Bene: I was one of the speakers in a press conference held by the group, Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S) on February 26, 2015 at Club Filipino.)

troy-abitonaAbout the Author

Brod Troadio B. Abitona is known to many brods as “Kuya Troy.” He joined Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity at not a young age. He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Common Voice 2004 Edition under GC Aniceto Calubaquib, Jr. He also served as Commoner of the Orator of the frat for SY 2005-2006. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Law from the Far Eastern University. He served as a Vice-Mayor in San Nicholas, Pangasinan for three (3) consecutive full terms. He is now a Confidential employee at the same LGU. He actively participated and participates in social and political issues such as the rally against the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).


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