The Great Architect

Atty. Oliver Garcia - Tau Kappa PhiSince then and until now I have been very vocal that I am not a Boy Sisi admirer….

A leader is born not made… He never had his own identity as a leader… He held different posts as an attribution to the names of his father and mother. Where it not because of the emotion that filled the hearts of the people during his mother’s death and the concession made to pressure boy palengke to give way, he could not have been there. That is why I keep telling others “kaigi-igi na naglalaro lang sila ni Josh ginawa n’yo presidente, ngayon gagalit kayo.”

A leader is born and is not made. How can you be good leader when from the start there is even faction in your team. Leadership involves team work… Not divisiveness… See what happened because of the clash between “Palengke” and “Santisima”… 44 died, dadalhin mo ‘yan habang buhay.

You can never see the bright side of leadership when most often than not you will blame to one after the other if only to say that you are making a difference… On my own, except for the DPWH Sec, none of your cabinets live up to the expectations that people hoped when they put you there.

But this does not mean that I join the cry for your ouster…. What happened in Mamasapano is an error of judgment that even great leaders may commit… Although you could have prevented it if only you consulted and observed organizational structure and directed right coordination… (‘wag na chain of command baka may magalit pa sa term na ‘yan).

What bothers me is your stubbornness to see what a leader should have done. I cannot blame you for that because you were just made to be one…

As long as your allies make things to defend you, it doesn’t make sense and quite the opposite it only further sinks your image.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt to act like the greatest architect who can build a good nation…. But as an architect you are only good in drawing…. If you can realize, an architect can draw almost everything as beautiful as they are but he always need an engineer and laborers to build it for him… There are those that collapsed because the engineer or laborer who were tapped to do it were negligent in doing their part. To me, that’s what happened to your leadership. Since you can only draw, you totally entrusted your leadership to your negligent engineers and laborers….

You have under your wings those whose style of leaderships always need media mileage and photo ops… I hope one of them can find courage to check the tax consequences of manufacturing and importing heavy firearms by the rebels instead of putting herself in limelight only over sensational issues or political opponents (a real eat lover of Dunkin’ Donut); I hope that the other one can find time by limiting her interviews to review her books regarding the nomenclature “chain of command.”

If you could only see all these and more, you will not avoid public and media interviews as what had happened to labandera that led to the drowning of her leadership. Doing so is only giving your critics more opportunities to lambast your already unpopular kind of management.

The only thing that I can admire from you is you never put your friends and allies down albeit to the prejudice of governance. From the issue of kabarilan, kakampi at kaibigan to the Mamasapano incident none of them despite clamor of the people, that you left behind…. To say the least Santiago of DILG, PAGCOR chief, Alcala, Ochoa, Dunkin’ Donut, and SANTISIMA…. (The only leader who entrusted the security of the police HQ to ordinary security guards – only in the Philippines).

Your term is nearing but i never knew any that can be attributed to your term. While you have a good DPWH Sec… His works are all to repair those already existing one… He is the only DPWH Sec whose name is untarnished. Oh yes you have the Mamasapano… With the BFF, you will just sell part of the Phils worst than what Tabako did when he sold military camps to private individuals…

Regrettably, to my opinion you cannot be father to everyone when you do not know how to be a father to your own family.

Although as I’ve said I am not your admirer…. Nonetheless, I give you credit of being a great architect with poor and negligent men to do jobs for you.


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