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A Tau Kappan is a gentleman who lives with the ideals of the Common Man in mind and heart. This is the vinculum or knot that binds him with his fraternity brother.

Additonally, a Tau Kappan brother is also the epitome of an ideal father. The parental vinculum is apparent by his deeds and words in bringing out the best in his child. He sees to it that his kid go through experiences, among others, to help the latter discover societal norms and develop his own set of values, which could be achieved via a spiritual journey.

The photo shows fraternity brothers Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio (left) and Atty. Sherald “Kid” Santillan (right) with their respective children, Klyde Constantine M. Rubio and Eufin Bughaw B. Santillan.

Both kids went through the Catholic Sacrament of the First Holy Communion at the St. Francis of Asisi Parish on December 4, 2015. They are classmates in Grade 3, Section Compassion at Lourdes School of Mandaluyong.

According to brod Laurence, “Klyde and Eufin are very good friends since Grade 2 and I still don’t know yet that Eufin was brod Kids’ son until I and Joan (brod Kid’s wife) met during one of the school’s activities.”

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