Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity and the Law

Tau Kappa Phi FraternityThe Tau Kappa Phi (TKΦ) Fraternity always adheres to the rule of law. Its nature is not the same as fraternities in the undergraduate level where the primary objective is to recruit as many people as there can be. Hence, they become unmindful of the repercussions of their actions to the extent of bordering into criminality.

It is composed of degree holders and professionals who took up law studies as a second course. Thus, they cannot afford to lose their own liberties and tarnish their good names only because of an untoward incident that can be avoided. Even before the passage of the Anti-Hazing Law (RA 8049), TKΦ already has a meticulous recruitment process. No force, intimidation or coercion is employed when recruiting. Neophytes volunteer to join despite of “hearsays” that they will be subjected to social humiliation and physical violence, which is best described by a word that gained notoriety – HAZING.

Wikipedia.org describes hazing as an act that involves “harassment,” “abuse,” or “humiliation.” RA 8049 defines hazing in this wise, “…an initiation rite…placing the recruit…in embarrassing or humiliating situations such as forcing him to do…silly…foolish…tasks or…subjecting him to physical or psychological suffering or injury.”

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity

What do these definitions try to say? Simple. Hazing is bad because of its “involuntary” nature of which the recruit does not want himself to be subjected to. It connotes abuse that takes away one’s humanity. Since its inception in 1948, TKΦ has never been heard of subjecting a would-be brother in embarrassing circumstances in the eyes of the public. Recruitment is done in a diplomatic and gentlemanly way. Social and moral etiquette are likewise observed. Its approach is pragmatic by being sensible on others’ “personhood.”

When a neo eventually goes through the “rites of passage,” the “masters” are required to strictly follow proper decorum. The “new brother” lives to see himself become a “distinguished leader of society.” This is one instance that TKΦ is proud of – no one has lost a life in the hands of a brother, and the same is what the succeeding “fraternal generations” strive to achieve.

Mabuhay! Tau Kappa Phi!

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