Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.“Perhaps God chose me to be an atheist?” –  Stanislaw Lec

I was requested to talk about myself, but I find my life story dreary and at best boring. So, in my own narcissistic way I’d rather talk about things that interest me and I hope that some will find it interesting, too.

 The Pub

When I arrived in London not so long ago, pubs were an enigma to me. Now, I realised that pubs are an essential concave in a cosmopolitan society.

As life becomes more and more regimented, the immigrant slowly succumbing to the trap of repetitive cycle of life in the big city and congruently he is on the process of accepting his fate (if there is such a thing), that is the now: the fear of the unknown, generous, accommodating, at times perplexedly complicated new country. It pushes him to ponder and it taps every recess of his values. While all these things are milling around inside him, he needs a place to fuck about, a place to nestle even just for a while, a place to gather his thought, so a pint or two (usually more) will not harm. Look up and here you go: Ye Old Cock and Bull.


“…pubs are an essential concave in a cosmopolitan society…” – Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.

The pub was the last place Captain Cook went to before he set sail to discover Australia. So was John Snow who, while drinking his pint in a pub, was able to observe and trace the source of a cholera outbreak in Soho, London in 1854. In like manner, he (the immigrant) is hoping that one day an epiphany will visit him while having a pint of real ale at his local pub.

The Real Ale

Real Ale is a type of beer brewed from malted barley using a warm fermentation with a strain of brewers’ yeast. Ale yeast ferments more quickly, and often produces a sweeter, fuller–bodied and fruitier taste. I will never be able to equal, never mind get close to the eloquence of Real Ale apologist Charles Foster; so, please read his ten reasons to drink real ale. Click the link: .

Tau Kappa Phi UK - FEU Law

The author with Tau Kappa Phi brethren at a pub in London

The Culture

Other cities of the world will claim it, too, but London is on. To begin with is an exhausting endeavour, because I have no idea on how to do it.

Most recognisable and influential: singers, bands, boy bands, writers, song writers, music moguls, dancers, painters, theatres, actors, actresses, movies, directors, screen plays, live concerts, charity events, ballet, modern arts, old art masters, symphony orchestras, magicians, organising the modern Olympics, football (soccer to the American’s), Formula One, car makers like Aston Martin, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley; James Bond, residence of most billionaires in the world, our beloved QE the second, we have them here. And I rest my case.

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Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.About the Author

Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. is known in the Tau Kappan circle as “Pastor.” He found his niche in London where he and his family are living. He works with the City Council of Westminster where the seat of power of the United Kingdom is located. He is an active officer of Finchley Raiders in London and European Network of Filipino Diaspora – United Kingdom (ENFiD-UK). He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law in the Philippines.


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