Martial Law: A Bedrock of Our Existence

Martial Law | A Bedrock of Our Existence | Atty. Edwin B. Andrada| Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity, FEU Law

(The author standing beside a photo of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos)

Martial law was declared during the golden era of Communism when the Cold War was being fought fervently in Southeast Asia and in Eastern Europe, utilizing their citizens as pawns between contrasting ideologies. 

The period of Martial Rule is already etched in our history as a people…a nation…a bedrock of our existence.

Indeed, a lot experienced its wrath. But who are those who suffered?

Were they the ordinary citizens who conducted activities for the sake of the nation?

A lot of them had an agenda of their own. They have been staging activities against the government, long before Ferdinand E. Marcos won the presidency in 1965 and even long before he declared martial law and up to now when their favored regime is catapulted into power.

Being a statesman that he was, FM had to deal with the menace. And the best he could think of was martial law. Had he done otherwise, the Philippines may already have a different name now ruled by real savages. Those who think otherwise are moved by their sheer ignorance or their being sheer anti-Marcos.

They are those who were taught and readily embraced the juxtaposition where Marcos is the devil and the yellowed are the saints. Others are those who think they were far better than Marcos who could have steered the nation in Utopia.

“Democracy” restored. What now?

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Atty. Edwin B. Andrada | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU LawAbout the Author

Atty. Edwin B. Andrada holds the position as Judicial Supervisor at the Supreme Court of the Philippines. He also worked as Chief Staff Officer and Court Attorney VI at the Supreme Court. He completed his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Far Eastern University, Manila.


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