PGC Dondon Tenorio Live on Television and Radio


Past Grand Chancellor (PGC) Felicisimo “Dondon” Tenorio, Jr. is a mainstay of a television program entitled, “Good Morning, Kuya! wherein he is seen having a discussion with other cast on some of the country’s pressing political, social and day to day issues on a segment thereof called, “Pondahan ni Kuya Daniel.”

Felicisimo Tenorio, Jr. | Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law Fraternity

Kuya is a monicker used by Daniel Razon, a TV and radio personality who is also popularly known as Mr. Public Service. The program runs live from Monday to Friday at 4:30am-6:45am on UNTV Channel 37, cable network and live stream at

Felicisimo Tenorio, Jr. | Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law Fraternity

Pondahan ni Kuya is formatted according to a Filipino custom where residents, mostly neighbors, of a certain locality converge at a rendezvous point usually a “sari-sari” store during their free times and a lively informal discussion about the hottest trends in any issue takes place.

Felicisimo Tenorio, Jr. | Tau Kappa Phi FEU Law Fraternity

Aside from his TV appearances, PGC Dondon is also one of the hosts of a live radio program on UNTV-Radio La Verdad 1350 khz entitled, “Rotary in Action.” The same program is at the same time simulcast on UNTV Channel 37.

PGC Dondon was the Grand Chancellor of Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity from 1979 to 1980. He is a Past President of the Rotary Club of Kamuning (ROCK) in Quezon City.

Atty. Donnabel Tenorio | FEU Portia Sorority

[Atty. Donnabel Tenorio (middle in black), FEU Portia Sorority MES with “Kuya” Daniel Razon to her left.]

He is the father of Most Exalted Sister, Atty. Donnabel Tenorio of FEU Portia Sorority which is affiliated to Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity.

(Video courtesy of UNTV)

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