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Weakening institutions and ever widening social cleavage. Needless to say – the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Conveniently, we are quick to direct our blame to the common tao’s tendency to be easily swayed by short term pragmatism as they cast their votes cheaply in favour of, you know who. So, these subscriptions of ours to soap opera imitating politics and politics imitating soap opera must come to an end – Now. There is an absence of concrete alternatives and viable options for the nation that precipitates a culture of “weather, weather lang ‘yan” doctrine.

Is it not incumbent for the squeezed middle to provide visions and a coherent platform of government? We should challenge the ever encroaching political class in our country, whose grip is getting tighter to the detriment of those not belonging to their club. The political class is pulling wool over the eyes of the people.

The squeezed middle should be more involved and exert extra effort in shaping policies that intend to change popular attitudes and social behaviours, and not to be cajoled by religious biases but rather by altruistic motivations emanating from an ardent desire to live in a just and a fair society. Admittedly, this step into the right direction can only be achieved when the apathy of the squeezed middle is reversed.

Today, the Scandinavian countries are admired with a tinge of envy, not only due to innovation and competitiveness, but also for their family policies, gender equality, and participation in the labour market. As a result, they have the highest social mobility record and are enjoying the best quality of life. At the core of this accomplishment is their ability to create and their willingness to share. Rather than the idealist past or utopian future, the focus at the moment should be the direction the society is heading towards.

Social engineering is long overdue to address the seemingly “Catch 22” dilemma we are in. So, let us.

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Ricardo Gacayan, Jr.About the Author

Brod Ricardo Gacayan, Jr. is known in the Tau Kappan circle as “Pastor.” He found his niche in London where he and his family are living. He works with the City Council of Westminster where the seat of power of the United Kingdom is located. He is an active officer of Finchley Raiders in London and European Network of Filipino Diaspora – United Kingdom (ENFiD-UK). He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law in the Philippines.

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