Brod Laurence Evan Rubio: People Will Propel You Towards Success

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

by Brod Leonardo Aniceto

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

His Father’s Dream

Brod Laurence Evan Rubio started thinking about his law career at a young age, when his father started encouraging him to become a lawyer. This choice of career is no surprise because Brod Laurence’s father works as a sheriff officer, working for the Regional Trial Court in Naga City, Camarines Sur.

laurence-rubio-01Although his dream may appear to have crafted by his father, Brod Laurence came to like becoming a lawyer anyway. Indeed, his father’s wish became a self-fulfilling prophecy, and just like the passage in the Bible, once set, there’s no turning back.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

His Law Practice

Not long after his admission to the bar in 2005, Brod Laurence found employment in private law firms being their associate. He worked in the public sector as well having once employed as a legal officer for the Department of Health and as an ex-officio member of the Bids and Awards Committee.

Brod Laurence is currently associated with a small private law firm based in Ortigas. Someday, he will be managing his own law office. “It could be as early as next year when conditions are favorable”, he hinted.

His workload consists of civil and criminal cases. And in addition to files assigned to him by his firm, he also accepts cases on his own and collaborates with his colleagues.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

His Religious Upbringing

Brod Laurence does not only get influenced by his father but also by his mother who is active in their church as a lay minister. 

He is a Marian devotee – a pilgrim of Mother Mary. Every September, a festival is held in Naga City highlighting the “Traslacion”, a procession in which the image of Our Lady of Penafrancia is carried on foot by devotees or “voyadores”. Brod Laurence regularly participates in this activity.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

His Family

Brod Laurence has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous relationship named Moirrah. She remains in his custody and is being cared for by the paternal grandparents in Naga City. Although she is still in fourth-year high school, Moirrah is already planning to become a lawyer like her father.

In 2006, Brod Laurence married his wife, Julie, a financial analyst. They have a child together named Klyde who is now seven years of age.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

His Hobby

Brod Laurence has always been a heavy metal fan. In fact, he belongs to a four-player band called the OCD. In the band, he alternates between the bass and the lead guitars. The band accepts gigs once in a while and also participates in band competitions.

He started playing musical instruments and engaged in band activities when he was in high school.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

Success Is Overrated

Whenever we learn about people reaching their goals, we immediately look for their intelligence, talents and skills as their reasons for success.

We fail to realize, however, that no matter how bright, skilled or talented we are, if we don’t have the right circumstances and opportunities to exercise them, we cannot succeed.

Opportunities open up because people are there to help us stage the right circumstances where we can freely exercise our intelligence, talents and skills. We need people’s help to succeed in life no matter how bright, talented or skillful we are.

Atty. Laurence Evan Rubio | Tau Kappa Phi | FEU Law Fraternity

Brod Laurence is successful because he has a father who is guiding him to pursue his career, a mother influencing his moral compass, a wife that is supporting him, children who are motivating him, and lastly, friends and colleagues who are helping him maintain a lucrative law practice.
He understands this ingredient for success, and that is why Brod Laurence surrounds himself with people that can help him achieve his goals in life.


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