morris-marco-lim-03I obviously feel that schools and public institutions can help me through the power of education and training to fulfill my dreams of obtaining the role of Public Office and to ensure that all legal and democratic processes are completed and followed to the letter of the law and government policies.

It is essential that these policies are followed to ensure the well being of the Philippines as a nation and to show the rest of the world that the Philippines are ensuring the prosperity and well being of the Filipino people.

We need through democratic process to ensure that the Filipino people as a nation have decent housing, sanitation, help with health care and to attract international businesses to come to the Philippines to set up work programs, factories, etc. that would be mutually financially beneficial to both parties ie. international investment and training for the Filipino people to earn a wage so they and their families can prosper.

Once this has started, lives will be improved and education would progress to a higher standard for many Filipino people.

We have already shown the world that even mother nature cannot destroy the Filipino spirit so we need to make the national pride of the Philippines even stronger and prouder and once we achieve these goals maybe we could then on the world stage and could even achieve gold at the Olympics.

If the Filipino people receive support from the government through the policies and international investment, everyone’s lifestyle and health will improve vastly. We can then compete against the rest of the world on level terms.

This is all because of the power of education, democratic process and international investment.

The evolution to achieve these projects of sanitation, housing, education, health care, international investment will be long term projects over a number of years and need the backing and foresight of all local government officials and councils.

We need to show that any corruption will not be tolerated because this reflects badly on the Philippines on the world stage to foreign investors as some former leaders have been corrupt and this would deter international investors coming to the Philippines.

I am determined myself through my legal training to pursue with vigor public office for the benefit and fulfillment of the Filipino people and nation a better and more fulfilling life.

I have been fortunate enough to have a good and strong supportive family behind me throughout my life to help me achieve my dreams and ambitions and now I have a wonderful wife and a family of my own to support and help enhance my dreams even further.

The values I have learned from my family and grand parents I will pass down to my children and then educate them with these values in life and to always be very proud to be Filipino and be strong as a nation with the Filipino spirit of resilience and never give up; and if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

God bless the Philippines and the Filipino people. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!

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Morris Marco S. Lim | Tau Kappa Phi FEU LawAbout the Author

Morris Marco S. Lim works as Legal Assistant at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) under the Office of the President. He holds a degree in Bachelor of Laws. He visited and visits local government units around the country to give lectures about the Philippine Heritage Law and the Filipino identity. He drafted the NCCA Rules on Pleading and Practices in Heritage Cases with Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles. He also has a hand in a book entitled, “National Cultural Heritage Act of 2009 Annotated.”

Facebook account of Morris Marco S. Lim.

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