Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity - Justice Roland Jurado

Bro. Sandiganbayan Justice Roland Jurado (center) with Alumni Brothers

The Tau Kappa Phi Law Fraternity (designated by the Greek letters, TKΦ), founded in 1948, is the recognized exclusive fraternal order at the Far Eastern University-Institute of Law (FEU-IL), Philippines.

Throughout its existence, it earned the admiration and respect of of students, professors and the campus for being an advocate of the rule of law and a champion of the rights of others. It actively participates in campus activities especially in student politics where its members honed their leadership skills and become of great service to the community after leaving the four walls of law school.

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity - Congressman Elpidio Barzaga, Jr.

Bro. Cong. Elpidio Barzaga, Jr. with Resident Brothers

It is composed of professionals, degree holders, distinguished and accomplished gentlemen from different strata of the society who studied the intricacies of the law,  and share such knowledge and expertise in protecting and promoting the rights and welfare of the people especially the Common Tao. The Greek letters were derived from its original name,  “The Commoners’ Fraternity.”

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity - NBI Director Edwar

Bro. NBI Deputy Director Edward Villarta with Resident Brothers

It has members working in the tripartite structure of the government – the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary, as executive officials, prosecutors, public attorneys, NBI officers, police officials, or as Members of and staff in Congress, or as judges and justices in the first level, second level and appellate courts.

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity - Atty. Amante Liberato COA

Bro. COA Director Amante Liberato, Top 5, 1996 Bar Exams

Some are serving in the Constitutional bodies: the Commissions of Audit, Elections and Civil Service, and the Ombudsman. Others are connected with local government units as chief executives, legislators and in other capacities. Others are involved in the private sector like in the practice of the legal profession, management of businesses and consultancy services in the Philippines and abroad.

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity

Brothers John Ric Quinsaat of Kalinga, Stanley Alegre of Bicol, Bong Villones of Leyte and Alonto Bangkulit, Jr. of Maguindanao

The brethren hail from the highlands of the Cordilleras, the plains of Luzon, the islands of Visayas, the soils of Mindanao  and the tillages of the autonomous region. From the different parts of the Philippines, they were destined to come together to where they eventually called “home” – FEU.

Tau Kappa Phi Frtaernity - Abroad

Brothers Leonardo Aniceto in Canada, Flomy Diza in the US and those in the UK

Even if they already found their own niches in  all corners of the world, they always look back to where they came from and support the fraternity in every way they can.

Despite coming from a diverse cultural heritage, religion and socio-economic status, they are united in the pursuit of happiness of the Common Man for they regard their ownselves as Commoners.  They are proud to belong to a fraternity which aims to rise high above the ordinary.

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity - USA and Canada

USA and Canada Brethren’s Reunion

Many of them have received accolades in their respective fields of endeavor. And there being only one home, its birth place, FEU, the members of the fold, both residents and alumni, know each other personally, thus, a spirit of camaraderie, harmony and cohesiveness exists in their midst.

Tau Kappa Phi Fraternity Bar Operations 2014

Alumni and Resident Brothers Show Support in the
2014 Bar Operations

Pride, Excellence, Exclusivity! Tau Kappa Phi!